our body at war

The comic "Krieg im Körper" ("Our Body at War") introduces as many people as possible to Crohn's disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. Starting off with some white walls in downtown Kiel, Germany the project soon developed to a campaign. Despite the painting on the wall there's a website describing the project (www.kriegimkoerper.de), a video documentary showing what working on the project was like and a comic-brochure will be printed shortly. Also some drawings were posted as bills in Kiel and Lübeck in February 2010. 
The wall itself will be reproduced as a big print so that it can be shown in other cities, too (next stop: Vertretung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, April 2010). Different media did reports on the campaign so that the word about Crohn's disease was spread.



"An inflamed bowel as high as a wall, snapshots live from the toilet, fire in the abdomen, speech ballons that whisle-blow: "I'm living on the toilet.". With a monumental comic young Kiel-based artist Tim Eckhorst breaks taboos." - www.ced-alleswasgeht.de

"Since a few weeks a comic at Rondeel attracts everybody's attention: Large-sized Tim Eckhorst, a student at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design eternalized his art on two house walls. The piece of art he created here was done for the inflammation research cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces". With his pictures the 24-year old adverts to a research topic that only a few know about: Crohn's disease." - Kieler Nachricten, September 8th 2009.

"On two house walls – right beside a crossroad in downtown Kiel – he adverts large-sized and with a high-visibility a topic that is not well known to the public: Crohn's disease." - DCC-Journal No. 99 - 4/2009

"That picture says everything!" - Comment of a concerned person via youtube.com

"It exactly reflects what the disease, which I suffer from, too, is like... I like it! Thank you!" - Comment of a concerned person via facebook.com

"Cool campaign... bring the comic-strip to your city" - User via streetfiles.org

"Wow! Great thing, I like it and I'm convinced a lot of other patients do so, too. Also the public can be informed via this way." - Bruno Raffa, President of Crohn's Disease/Colitis ulcerosa Swiss Association

"Sensational comic about chronic inflammatory gastric-diseases!" - Dr. med. Rüdiger Adam, Assistant medical director, Clinic for Child- and Youthmedicine University of Mannheim


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