master of arts I recently graduated from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design (in Kiel, northern Germany) with a Master degree in Communication Design. The subject of my project was Vilém Flusser and his model that illustrates the human history of culture in five steps. I designed five books and one website, that is a accessible via a QR-code that is included in the fifth book.

rudolph dirks katzenjammer kids book by tim eckhorst

08.06.2012 12:54

rudolph dirks book

It as finally arrived: My book about comicpioneer Rudolph Dirks, creator of the Katzenjammer Kids. Unforunately it's only availbe in German. The book is called »Rudolph Dirks — Katzenjammer, Kids & Kauderwelsch« and is published by Deich Verlag.

English website

19.04.2010 09:42

new website

So far, so good. I've translated some of the articles on this website but as you can guess it'll take me some time to translate the whole website. Also I'd like to announce that I might not translate all the latest news, 'cause it doesn't make much sense to inform people around the world about a small exhibition in my home city. You wouldn't show up anyway. ;) But surely I'm gonna translate all the rather big news, just the really interesting stuff. If you'd like to see some more photos from exhibitions and stuff, please switch the laguage and view them at "Unterwegs" in the German version.


19.04.2010 07:42


I just wrote that I probably won't inform you about exhibitions 'cause they normally take place in Germany and the one's of you not speaking any German but beeing in Germany are just a few I guess. Anyway, to break with the habit I'd like to announce the exhibition „Entzündet. Kunst. Kommunikation. Medzin.“ („Inflammed. Art. Communication. Medicine.“) which will take place in Berlin (venue: Vertretung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein, In den Ministergärten 8) from April 20th to 30th.

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