master of arts I recently graduated from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design (in Kiel, northern Germany) with a Master degree in Communication Design. The subject of my project was Vilém Flusser and his model that illustrates the human history of culture in five steps. I designed five books and one website, that is a accessible via a QR-code that is included in the fifth book.

wacken open air tim eckhorst

14.07.2013 17:11

wacken open air 2013

A slow news year — at least it seems so for the English version of my website. In fact I was really busy and didn't update the English version that much (check the German version for more pictures if you like). Anyway... I'll be at Wacken Open Air once again to show some of my stuff in the art tent. Also some comic-artists will be doing comics about what happens on the festival ground. You might check those out at!

ektomorf black flag cover by tim eckhorst

26.07.2012 17:11

ektomorf — black flag

On august 31st the new Ektomorf album called »Black Flag« will be released by AFM Records. I designed the whole packaging (a 6-page-digipack!) and hope the fans will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

exhibition at wacken open air by tim eckhorst

23.07.2012 17:13

exhibiton at wacken

I'll do an exhibition at this year's Wacken Open Air. Other artists who show their Wacken-related works will be northern German cartoonist Kim Schmidt and painter Jens Rusch. The festival takes place from august 2nd to 4th.

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