Famous operasinger Orpheus performes constantly in sold-out venues. One night his wife Eurydike is among the audience. In the same night she meets with an accidents shortly after leaving the operahouse. The world of Orpheus starts to crumble.
Besides a selfproduced booklet „Eurydike“ was published in Illusion Tart 2. For the story a fictious poster was created announcing a memorial concert for Orpheus.
All drawings where done with a thick brush und acrylic colours (without any water). Via this way a dark and crumbling world in which people and events sometime seem to come from the underworld was created.

goja moon rockah

Guys who invite people to the club for a "super sexy frizzy dizzy electro music show" probably have a slight idea of what it's all about. To introduce people who have never heared of such shows to the whole thing, we'll have to work with pictures. Where does it take place? At the disco! Who will be there? Dracula and his friends, Frankenstein's Monster, robots, hot vampire girls and other monsters. And to warrant for the extra portion "frizzy dizzy" the pictures will be very colorful. This is what the band goJA moon ROCKAH imagned it to be.
Besides a tour poster illustrations for the cover and booklet of the album "Disco Dracula", a shirt and a cover for the online-single "Jetzt kommt die Nacht" were created.
Everybody interested may check out the following website where one will find all the products: goJA moon ROCKAH


Illustrations for all kinds of purposes: Magazines, advertisements, posters, flyers, CDs...


Pulished in various magazines, books and anthologies.



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