Leprechaun Irish Pub

leprechaun irish pub

By the end of 2009 a new Irish Pub named "Leprechaun" opens it's doors in Heide, Holst. (northern Germany). For the drinks menu and the outdoor advertising a grumpy, genuine, nice, funny, classy, not evil, lovely, cute charakter with mass appeal is needed. By this way a charakter not with a naïve, but a friendly smile was greatet. The Leprechaun invites everbody to enjoy a cool drink in a canny ambience. www.leprechaun-heide.de

jume coffee house kiel germany

jume — café & bar

As part of the interior various illustrations were created for a new coffee bar in Kiel, northern Germany. Also the logo along with a corporate identity was designed.

logo by tim eckhorst

logo design

Logos for bands, brands and business.

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